desktopTVMG network includes full service marketing/branding firms fully functional in and outside the entertainment industry. Have your brand strategically placed in an audio clips, radio drops, videos, or live events. Placement for product, flyers, backdrops, mics, street team guerrilla marketing and more! Successfully engage your target audience by consistent and genuine interaction. 
Digital Distribution, Marketing/PR Services, Music/Video Submission to over 500 blogs, Brand Management, Project Managers to accommodate any serious budget, DJ Pools, Product Placement, Physical/Virtual Street Teams, Graphics, Mixtape Hosting/slots, airplay, 600 retailer, 62 country Physical Distribution, and a variety of other services. Expand your reach with our professional service network including high end Brand Management. For submissions email us here

Fxck Fame Music Group‘s jetsetter J.Reu releases the highly anticipated visual for his hot single “No Gimmicks.” Revealing a day in the life, J.Reu lets fans inside an actual Miami business trip, showcasing a few moments leisure throughout. Known for pulling up in exotic toys like it’s nothing, J.Reu states his position on artificial flav with entrepreneurial action. Purchase the single on iTunes here.


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