Our TVMG Distribution Graphicpromotional packages include a variety of service options. TVMG has both virtual, and physical street teams on standby to help with your campaign distribution. Our social media reach is just shy of 300K all organic, and industry specific for entertainment. Businesses, fashion, and lifestyle brand networks are included. TVMG’s customized packages are tailored to meet your individual budget needs, and compliment your campaigns.

Digital Distribution:

  • Radio
  • DJ Pools
  • High Traffic Blogs
  • Press Release Platforms
  • Major Online Newsrooms

Social Media Marketing:

Tweets To 300K + Real Followers

Facebook high volume pages, personal accounts, and groups

Email blast to legitimate, and active industry specific contacts

Physical Distribution:

Placement of your merch, promotional materials, and/or products at high volume events.

  • Sales Reps
  • Event Reps
  • Flyer Distribution

Interstate Mafia Promo

GLR Logo Header

Power 504 Flyer


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