13621712_829768880455993_368714251_oNew York’s Taj Mahal & HaitianRemo come together on the new street anthem Who U Do It 4. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a career criminal that’s willing to rob and steal for a living? A criminal that’s also willing to kidnap and kill all for the love of money while being the best father and a pillar of his community? What would make a man leave his sons basketball game to go and check on a victim that he has had tied up for three weeks in a basement demanding Drug money, and then go home to his wife as if he’s been hard at work all day. What would make a man who seemingly has everything a man could hope and wish for still be willing to put his life on the line night after night for a bit of fast cash? If you have ever asked your self any of these questions 211 the t.v series will answer theses questions for you. 211 is the penal code for Robbery In Progress. The main character of 211 is Hassan Johnson, A clean cut man who’s a great father and husband who has never smoked or drank in his life, his only addiction is “FAST MONEY”. Growing up ? was introduced to the life of being a Stick Up Kid, something that we have never been exposed to in movie or television. Growing up in New York was raised in a local housing Project where he finds himself ending up in a weird relationship with a local housing police officer who ends up being a like a father figure to him. But what is the hold that this officer turned detective has on ? The detective watches over him as kid but will later on introduce ? to a lifestyle that will haunt him for the rest of his life. For his own financial This detective/ father figure will end up using him for his own financial gain by giving him information on drug dealers that he can rob and steal from by any means necessary. With the knowledge of a Harvard graduate mixed with the ruthless mindset of a career criminal is a man that knows better but is an addict and product of the ever popular street culture. In every episode we will watch him manipulate everyone he comes in contact with by using his good looks and charm in hopes to gain the world while losing his soul!

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