Two of New Orleans’ legendary musicians Devious, and Fiend, collaborate on the collage of painful emotions Black men, women, and children have been forced to endure over the years. In the wake of Baton Rouge and Roseville PD’s recent public execution of Freelance Music Distributor Alton Sterling, and School Dietary Employee Philando Castile, the community is crying out for justice, and an end to America’s police forces demonizing citizens because of the color of their skin, or a less than perfect past. The song “No Love” perfectly describes America’s sentiment towards Black people. Even after Philando Castile was clearly wrongfully fired on, and murdered in front of his 4 year old daughter, police proceeded to treat the mother of this child like a hardened criminal; with no regard for the little girl who’d just seen her father shot in cold blood. No Love is an expressive work from Devious’ Against All Odds album. The Freeworld Entertainment release is available on iTunes now. Artivism is an important step in using our voices guys; so let’s continue to lift our voices.

Freeworld Ent


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