Dyme-A-Duzin is arguably one of today’s most talented songwriters, and versatile entertainers. Growing up in Crown Heights Brooklyn, Dyme began his humble approach to a journey in music at just 11 years old; writing his first song, and later recording his first music video at just 14. From the early days of Dyme’s career his creativity was fluid, ahead of the curve, and never boxed in. Among the first mixtapes to stir virility were 20=x, Shut Up Shut N Listen, The Orientation, and  A Portrait of Donnovan. If you listen to most of them to this day you can still appreciate the wordplay and clarity of Dyme’s delivery.

Dyme A Duzin

To some outsiders looking in Dyme’s true passion for creating and humble spirit have seemingly navigated the long route to super-stardom; but I digress. After being a member of an equally talented music group, and recording with some of the best upcoming lyricists of his time, I move that Dyme in fashion of true artistry, has been following the path of true enlightenment. In each of the new songs you can literally feel a whole new vibration from Dyme’s sound. Consistently creating dope music, just shy of 2 years after the release of his Hip Hope project, Dyme-A-Duzin readies the world for his upcoming EP, “Crown Fried” and introduction of the 1160 movement. Here are a couple of pieces from the Crown Fried EP that make bold creative statements of Dyme’s kingdom to come. For new music, shows, and press visit DymeAllDay.com.

Dyme A Duzin Baltimore February 6


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